Friday, September 10, 2010

Step Up!

Can't believe it's been months since my last post! *Slaps own hand*.  I've had so many problems with my laptop that it takes me hours and hours to put a post together that I end up giving up (I'll be getting a new netbook soon - so I'll be flying again yeh-yeh.)

I've been looking for quite a while now for some flat brogues.  It's been fairly difficult to find a pair I really like... they're either too manly or the quality is not really here so it's about finding the right balance.  I've had another look online today and here are a 'shortlist' of ones I'm considering...

New Look Cedar Lace Up Brogues £16 >>
 These are cute mink coloured brogues from New Look & will go great with dresses.
At 16 squid - they're a bargain!

Leather Buckle Brogue £30
Leather Buckle Brogues £30 >>
 These are also from New Look... they're different to the usual lace ups... I'm intrigued but would definitely need to try it to see how it looks.

Bronx Open Lace Brogues £54.99
Bronx Open Lace Brogues £54.99 >>
These are from Schuh and are by far my favourite so far in my search.  Recommended by my flatmate, these are soooo nice - brogues with a clear feminine touch with the slighly pointed toe & lace cut out.

Tan Floral Brogue £35
Miss Selfridge Tan Floral Brogue £35

These babies are from Miss S.  I love the colour and the floral pattern on them! Will definitely go and try these on.  Plus with my discount - it's affordable :)

River Island Brown Lace Up Brogues £49.99 >>

Black Lace Up Brogues £25

Dorothy Perkins Black Lace Up Brogues £25

I also saw a pair in Kurt Geiger but cannot find it on their website so cannot post it on here but they're really nice... they're grey and are at £120! Can't really bring myself to spending that much on a pair of brogues... especially now I'm thinking I need to get a new laptop!!

So there we have it... I'll be popping to the Oxford Street tonight.  I'll post my purchase on here soon so watch this space!

Love Tx


  1. Welcome back! I'm absolutely loving brogues too and have been drooling over the ones in Office but then leaving empty handed!! boo A x

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