Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ohhh Yesss....

What more can I say... Urban Outfitters. Ultra retro... and oozing with the cool factor. Annnndddd you can get free delivery... yes... FREE DELIVERY till 25th Feb!! Use promo code FREEBIE at the checkout.

Available in Black, Ivory & Peach!

Click to Shop Urban Outfitters >>

I absolutely love Urban Outfitter's jewellery... I'm not a fan of gold really... but their current range of accessories are so cute, dainty and vintagey I can't resist!

Love T

Friday, February 19, 2010

All Eyes On Me....

Brand Focus... Clinique.

So, I wasn't blessed with the best eyes in the world... now I'm not talking about being Chinese because I don't think I have particularly 'Chinesey' eyes (not that I'm saying that Chinese eyes are bad don't get me wrong...) but I'm talking about those dreaded DARK circles --> O <-- underneath them.  They won't go away no matter what I do or even if I sleep for 12 hours.  Apparantly, it's linked to my sinus problem?!  Anyways I digress...

For most of my life... I've had to experiment with different concealers and cover ups to hide my suitcases whilst making sure I don't over-do smokey eyes on a night out to avoid looking like I've been brutally punched.  Recently I've been lucky enough to be given a fantastic concealer to try by a Clinique lover, embassador and devotee (thanks Caroline!).

This little gem is the Clinique Airbrush Concealer £14.68 (Boots - cheapest around so far).  It's a light reflecting under-eye brightener that conceals & hides blemishes & in my case dark circles. What I really like about it is that it's got a lightweight texture to it that doesn't cling & is so easy to use. It comes in a range of skin tones and a perfect handbag sized necessity.

Tip: Brush on the affected areas with small amounts of concealer then use your forefinger to dab it gently.  Repeat to increase coverage.

I DEFINITELY recommend this little wonder... it's like the Touch Eclat... but better & cheaper!

The next Clinique ♥ of mine is...

All About Eyes eye cream £20 (Save £2 on everywhere else at Boots.com!). This cream/gel formula is fantastic... it's featherlight and feels silky on the eyes once applied.  This beauty is geared towards reducing dark circles (yes!), puffiness and softens lines.  What's more when applied in the morning it helps to hold make up in place too!  It's also been featured on Gok Wan's 'How To Look Good Naked'!
Even though it's small in size... it lasts for ages as you only need to use a tiny amount so it's a little must-have pot of gold!

I absolutely recomment both of these reviewed... I've also guided you to the Boots website because:

1) Well-known brand 
2) Trusted website 
3) It's a couple of quid cheaper if you buy Clinique than other websites 
4) You can collect your Advantage Card points online too!

If you've used/are using these products you're definitely encouraged to let me know what you think too!  And if you do suffer the same condition as me... let me know your recommendations!

Love T

Monday, February 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking...

Finally - a new pair of boots! Not a pair I purchased myself... but by my Ma and I LOVE them...


It's just what I needed since the weather has been disgraceful to say the least... and with no heating in the office at the moment... what better than to cosy up in my warm knee length lace ups! They're perfect worn with leggings and a dress ohhhh yesssss~

Thanks Mum!!

Love T

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 14th

Ohhh yes... another date in the calendar that's so commercial we should have this as another bank holiday!  It's that time of year where if you're attached you have to do nice things for each other... cute cards, red roses, thoughtful gifts, candlelit dinners, romantic getaways (one would hope), sexy lingerie... and the list goes on... But why do we have to just do something nice on that particular day?? What happened to just doing these things throughout the year? It baffles me... BUT I guess if you do not get any of the above at any other time... then it's a big deal.  And if you're not attached... then it's the time where you make it a night out with your single friends or even just to treat yourself!  I've found these perfect little gifts... ok more like treats for oneself!

~£5 off all orders over £25 with voucher code VALENTINES ~

Prezzy Box - Bluebirds Heart Necklace £29.95
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~Use promo code VALENTINES ~

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~Gorgeous! 50% off Vivienne Westwood fragances limited offer~
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Strawberry Fool - Strawberry Shopper £3.99
~Love love love this! So practical & cute~

(Use promo code LOVEVAL 10% off £30)
~The press have been all over these tweezers! 
Available in 4 colours - fab little tweezers for your bag~

Other Valentines Deals...
Thought I'd share with you some other V-Day deals to be had!

20% Off at Wallis (Ends 15th Feb) - Use promo code WLOWN - Shop Now >>
10% Off at New Look (Ends 17th Feb) - Use promo code SPRING10 - Shop Now >>

I hope you all enjoy yourselves whatever you're doing on that special day.  For me? I will be spending it with some very special people...my parents, sister and family!  It happens to be Chinese New Year this Valentines... ANDDD more importantly my Ma's birthday and parent's anniversary - pretty eventful day.  

My special day has been moved to Friday instead :)

Love T

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm So Ditsy...

Spring may just be round the corner (or so we hope!) and though flowers may not be blossoming just yet... ditsy florals have definitely made an impression on the highstreet this season.

Here's a few I L♥VE..

Miss Selfridge

(Also available in Black!)

 If you're such a big fan of florals (or brave enough)... here's a sweet alternative...

Miss S's Spring sale has just started so hurry and pick up some bargains before it's gone!  It's never too early to buy some new pieces for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. 


These fitted vest tops are fantastic (I've got a few) and shows off those curves beautifully. 
Tip: Great worn with leggings during these chillier months. Team with gladiator sandals in the summer during the day and with a pair of heels at night to show off your pins.

Tip: Wear with navy shorts for those hot summery days.


Top Shop

 Tip: Can easily dress this up or down!

This lil charmer will go with anything~


Just don't be afraid to experiment with colour and definitely pattern!  It's time to add some flower power to your wardrobe in SS10 ~

Love T ♥

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love terri...

After my first personal blog on the trials and tribulations of my life I've finally decided to start my second blog!

Since i'm now working in the fashion industry (though marketing) I've decided to start a new chapter and  blog about fashion and another of my love - beauty!  I know there are tons of blogs out there on catwalk fashion but what's annoying is most of it talks about things we cannot actually afford to add to our wardrobe or possibly imagine wearing?  So I'm going to blog about highstreet fashion - something most of us can relate to - and I'll also write reviews on things tried and tested.  Better still I'll also show the where to get the deals (this is the work side of me seeping through).  Oh and not to mention a bit of a gossip and finally about life in general~

So here's to my new blog!


Love T