Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 14th

Ohhh yes... another date in the calendar that's so commercial we should have this as another bank holiday!  It's that time of year where if you're attached you have to do nice things for each other... cute cards, red roses, thoughtful gifts, candlelit dinners, romantic getaways (one would hope), sexy lingerie... and the list goes on... But why do we have to just do something nice on that particular day?? What happened to just doing these things throughout the year? It baffles me... BUT I guess if you do not get any of the above at any other time... then it's a big deal.  And if you're not attached... then it's the time where you make it a night out with your single friends or even just to treat yourself!  I've found these perfect little gifts... ok more like treats for oneself!

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Other Valentines Deals...
Thought I'd share with you some other V-Day deals to be had!

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I hope you all enjoy yourselves whatever you're doing on that special day.  For me? I will be spending it with some very special people...my parents, sister and family!  It happens to be Chinese New Year this Valentines... ANDDD more importantly my Ma's birthday and parent's anniversary - pretty eventful day.  

My special day has been moved to Friday instead :)

Love T

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  1. How fun to read this post. Glad someone feels the same way I do about showing love all throughout the year rather than saving it for ONE particular day! Cute blog by the way!