Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love terri...

After my first personal blog on the trials and tribulations of my life I've finally decided to start my second blog!

Since i'm now working in the fashion industry (though marketing) I've decided to start a new chapter and  blog about fashion and another of my love - beauty!  I know there are tons of blogs out there on catwalk fashion but what's annoying is most of it talks about things we cannot actually afford to add to our wardrobe or possibly imagine wearing?  So I'm going to blog about highstreet fashion - something most of us can relate to - and I'll also write reviews on things tried and tested.  Better still I'll also show the where to get the deals (this is the work side of me seeping through).  Oh and not to mention a bit of a gossip and finally about life in general~

So here's to my new blog!


Love T

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