Monday, June 20, 2011

To Read Or Not To Read?

So I thought I'd write about something that I've read in the newspapers that's been bugging me recently.  Just need to get this off my chest.


The Evening Standard have been running with a campaign on getting London to read.  I've not read everything that they've printed.  But from what I've read, the basic jist of it is that the literacy levels in London are extremely low with stats like 1 in 4 children who leave primary schools cannot read and that 1 in 3 children do not own a book at home.  Also, they ran the story with the little girl Aurella and how she's never had a book & the only book she had is an Argos catalogue!?!  All I have to say is...


And this is what I have to say about it - I believe reading ability is very much dependent on 2 main factors (obviously there are lots of different things that are contributing factors) -

1) Teachers - children go to school to learn.  That's what school is about right?? Teachers are being paid good money to teach kids especially basic things like reading.  I do not blame the teachers as such because my flatmate is a primary school teacher & she does a very good job.  But if it's certain areas in London that are really problematic, then surely issues right at the heart should be addressed first and foremost.  If reading is a big issue, have more of a reading structure in place! Simple as.

2) PARENTS - so teachers do their job, but parents also need to pull their weight too.  The least they could do is to provide some books at home.  I know that there are alot of people who have come from abroad so many the parents are not so hot on reading the English language HOWEVER they could at least buy the damn thing.  With that girl Aurella, she didn't have 1 single book but an argos catalogue?! WTF is that about? Then the mum is the only 1 to blame.  Surely she can afford to buy 1 book for her... if not, then there are things in the country called libraries where you can borrow books for freeeeeee.

I just don't relaly get this campaign and just think certain issues should be addressed before they start extending their hands and getting people to 'donate' towards volunteers.

Sorry- rant over.

Love Tx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love Birds

"To love someone deeply gives you strength. 
Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."

I wanted to dedicate this post to 2 of my friends that got married recently...

~ Emily & Harry ~

My dear friend Emily got married on 15th May.  Ems and I go way back and met when we were 13 or something when we were in the same through secondary school.  I'm so grateful to have a friend like Ems and I'm so glad that we're still friends after so many years.  Emily & Harry had a beautiful wedding and I'm so so happy for them.  I sound like a hopeless romantic... but It's must be such an amazing feeling to exchange vows with the person you love ♥

Emily's dress was perfect... it's elegant, it had sparkle, lace 
& not to mention the stunning bow!
 Love the crew ♥... Alex, Ems, Me & Claire.
The most gorgeous peacock cake to go with the bird theme
(Made by our talented friend Dawn Harman)

~ Shaun & Tricia ~

Shaun & Tricia got married on 5th June.  We all met first year of uni together which I can't believe was almost 8 years ago since 2003!  Shaun & Tricia had a baby girl, Erin, a few months before the wedding & it was so special as they included Erin in the wedding.  They had a chinese traditional banquet.  They had amazing pre-wedding photos & video taken around London and during the banquet they had the photoshoot & video clips shown on a screen - sooo sweet!

So there we have it!  I wish them all the very best for the future~

Love Tx

P.S. So my detox did not go to plan.  I fell ill with a stomach bug the next day for a week so had to stop it!  I may try it again in a month or so though.