Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cosmetics Heaven...

Couldn't resist stopping by at a cosmetics store again today... there's so much to look at and I want to buy everything (money would be an issue though...)!  There's just so much to choose from... probably more than 15 types of everything from tweezers, nail files, brushes, eye lash curlers... you name it they've got it & it all looks so cute & prestine!

So here's what I added to my collection today...

1) A Metallic Mascara Comb - it's retractable yay!

2) An Eyelash Applicator - AWESOMENESS!

The eyelash applicator will definitely come in handy on my nights out when I'm frantically trying to put on my eyelashes (it's difficult when you're trying to get out the door & running late! It's puts the pressure on bit time).  I always manage to put one on really quickly then take ages to put the 2nd pair on!
I've yet to try this out & will definitely let you know when I do. BUT I was actually watching a Bubz Beauty (for those of you who don't know - she's a mass followed beauty guru on You Tube with her own clothing range) video today & guess what? She used this too & said it was easy to use! Check her video out here!

Only 3 days left in HK :(

♥ T

Monday, March 08, 2010

Today's Pick Me Ups!

Following my Dermalogica post... I went to get my complimentary Dermlogica facial done in a beauty salon.  It was amaaAaazing.  I fell asleep it felt so nice.  It was a full facial including cleanse, tone and moisturise... OH and massage on my neck & shoulders.  So soooo soothing.

It basically confirmed my thoughts about the Derm... it is now 5 hours after I left the salon. I've shopped, travelled on public transport, had dinner and now am home but my face still feels supple like I've just put on the moisturiser.

Anyhoos... here's what I bought today!

And my outfit to end the post... the harem trousers bought the other day plus my new booties!!!
(Had to quickly take this before getting into a lift... don't have full length mirror in HK shock horror)

Ciao Bellas!

♥ T

Down The Rabbit Hole...

Everyone's talking about it... the buzz & the hype of the amazing Alice In Wonderland! (In 3D oh yehh~)

So I've dedicated this post to the old classic & new film release with Alice merchandise...

This Urban Decay palette consists of 16 of UD's best selling eye shadows & 2 eye pencils.  The names of the eye shadow are also a reflection of Alice's adventures~

At £28 you can find it at Debenhams & House Of Fraser.  Unfortunately UD do not have a transactional website in the UK yet booooo.

Cute cute Disney Couture Mad Hatter Necklace £30.  This is such a lovely necklace and if I hadn't spent all the money in the world on holiday... I'd buy it!


Disney Couture Curiouser Gold Plated Earrings £25.  These Curioser earrings are so pretty... I love wearing hoops so these are perfect! I'd like to think these are not 'chavvy' but vintagey.

In shades Mad As A Hatter (black multi-glitter), Off With Her Read (empowering hot red), Absolutely Alice (blue glitter), & Thanks So Muchness (out of this world red shimmer).

Miss Selfridge has launched a range of Alice Tees & Vests.  This white Curiouser Racer-Back Vest £16.  Hurry! This range is not stocked in all stores & stocks are limited online so get yours before it's too late!!

This Alice In Wonderland Charm Necklace £25 is filled with all things Alice from the cards, to the Alice pendant with a heart, and the infamous Drink Me bottle.  It's soooo cute that when I get back to the UK I think I will have to buy it!

Alice's Tea Cup Necklace £16 - this is sooooo sooo adorable with a cute little bow above the teacup. Perfectly delicate to go with pretty dresses.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Alice Short Cluster Pendant £6
These enamel finish charms are fantastic - especially the clock! And at £6 you really can't go wrong (Going straight onto my wish list).

Disney Couture 'Alice in Wonderland' Silver Plated Triple Stack Teacup Ring £27 (boy that's a mouthfull). Great spring/summer colours!

So now that I've ranted on about the fantastic Alice stuff that's out... I'm going to watch the movie!! yay!

♥ T

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bargain Buys!

So here's what I bought today...

Cute summer top. OMG...Only $30 HKD!! (£2.70)

♥♥♥ I'm in LOVE with these boots! ♥♥♥
I've been looking for pair of lace up boots for absolutely ages in London & couldn't settle for a pair..
So glad I waited & didn't have to pay an extortionate amount.

~ On sale - was $599 now $200 HKD (£16.60)!! Oh yehh ~



Stocked up on some nail varnishes today at Sasa (Huge cosmetics chain in Hong Kong).  Found out they ship worldwide too - yay!!

I know it's not summer yet... but I was drawn to buying variations of soft pastle peaches & oranges.

$94 HKD (£7.80) for all 4 nail varnishes- bargain or what?
The smaller ones (Fantasy Colour Nail Polish £1.70) are scented strawberry & rose too! Awesome~

Also I needed a replen on my black nail varnishes... one with a glittery twist!

♥ T

My New Eyes To The World...

Got new glasses finally! I've been squinting to see the last couple of months as I had run out of contacts and my glasses have been manky to say the least - I have to tighten the screws everytime I wear my home pair & my work pair are scratched from chucking it in my bags without the case *slaps hand*. So I decided it's out with the old & in with the new.

Ta Da!
(hate the pic but heyho just for glasses show)

These cost $950 (around £80) - cheap considering its branded!

♥ T

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Beauty That Is Dermalogica

Thought i'd let you guys in on one of the l♥ves of my life... if you're going to read something on my blog... read this!

I only discovered it last year through work when we were a sponsor of the Movember charity event back in November but since then this beaute has me hooked, line and sinker.  I started off with samples of a range of stuff... and loved every single bit of it.
Dermalogica is not a pretentious brand that tries to be luxurious by any means nor does it mass market and claims miracle cures... but is dedicated to research and skin health.  You may think... hmm I've heard of it but don't know much about it so it's probably not great but if it's anything to go by it's a definite underdog to all the major brands and is trully amazing (I cannot stress how much!).  I know I'm still an earlier user of the brand but I know that I will be a loyal customer for sure.

I l♥ve the fact that they are not 'try hard' in the sense of hard selling and they seem so genuine... if you go into one of their labs... you will notice the difference and how it's the whole aura... the sense of trust, understanding and education (it's so hard to describe - one of those things you have to have been there to know what I'm talking about).

The brand and packaging is not overzealous, frilly and in their own words... "not to colour-coordinate with your bathroom".  I think to sum the brand up I'd have to use the word - pure.

If you ever do get the chance... i definitely would highly recommend trying Dermalogica... it's better than some luxury brands that frankly you're paying the price for their name.

My Skin Care Routine:
(all links below are from a a trusted site thats cheaper to purchase)

Step 1 - Precleanse
This baby is (my god) fantastic... I'd only recommend it if you are not lazy and can spare another couple of minutes to 'precleanse' but if you do... you'll definitely see and most importantly feel the results. 

Step 2
- Cleanse

I use this cleanser as it's great for sensitive skin.  It protects your skin from environmental influences i.e. pollution, cosmetic allergies etc.  Sometimes I will skip the precleanse and go straight to this cleanser if I've not used make up during the day.

Step 3 - Exfoliate

Voted as In-Style's best beauty buys of 2010 this exfoliator is trully amazing! Far from the normal exfoliators most are accustomed to (granule type) this is extremely gentle (barely there).  It brightens the skin making it noticeably smoother.  After I've used the cleansers & this exfoliator - the mini white heads around the nose disappears straight away!

Step 4 - Tone

This acts as a toner which is ultra-calming for sensitive skin.  It helps with protecting your skin and shield against factors like stress, pollution etc. helping to control skin irritation.

Step 5 - Moisturise Eyes

This little baby is to put round the eyes to combat signs of premature aging (those fine lines round the eyes) & to protect your eyesfrom damage and improve smoothness.  Though it will probably take a little while before I can notice the difference properly as no miracle cream will say bye bye to lines immediately (they're lying if they say they do)!

Step 6 - Moisturise Face

And finally... this cream is great for dry dehydrated skin to relieve tightness & helps locks in skin's moisture.  It tones & improves skin's texture and suppleness. It feels fantastically light on the skin & your skin feels refreshed.  Some moisturers feel like it's evaportated and your skin feels like it's disappeared soon after but after applying this wonder your skin still feels supple for ages!  ♥ Double Thumbs Up ♥ 


Though it is a great initial financial investment for sure... I believe it's definitely worth it as the majority of the products lasts for a whopping  9 months!  If you divide the cost up per month it's only about £3 each which is not bad as it's quality stuff compared to the cheaper products which you will purchase more frequently.

I believe it's a necessary to keeping my skin looking young & healthy (definitely step in right direction to prevent future Botox costs)! Especially since now I'm 25 and am not getting any younger~

Love T  ♥

Buy Buy!

Went on my first shopping trip today in Hong Kong yeh yeh~ Only bought a few goodies though... It's highly annoying when you like something but you know that it's not going to fit because in the majority of shops only make tops one size only (!) It sucks when you see something nice but have to resist buying it as I'm rather curvacious compared to the size 0 girls out here.  (My 'child baring hips' better come in handy one day!!)  What makes it worse is that you see them scoffing their faces all the time yet they manage to stay so skinny... I digress~ 

Here's what I bagged...

                Dress                      Long Tank (pic of back) 

Cute cute pumps

 Mini bag for beauty stuff for the gym       Long harem type pants      

This wasn't it... spent tons of money on one of my loves... I'll go into this further in my next post!

Ciao for now~

Love T ♥

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Come Fly Away...

So I stepped into the world of Duty Free on Tuesday evening on my way to Hong Kong and my did I have to stop myself.  Thank god we were limited on time because if I had more of those precious moments... I certainly would've ended up buying more than my bank card bargained for.

Here are my 2 buys...

1) Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Set  L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE

I got this set in Black and Mauve Shimmer Ink at a bargain £22 (oh yes!) and comes with Ultra Thin Eye Liner brush too! It's such great value as 1 alone costs £15! Not sure if the highstreet will sell this set though as they do not sell the set on the Bobbi Brown website.

I've used gel liners before as I find that a) it lasts longer b) it's so easy to put on (it does take slightly more effort than the traditional pencil liners but if you want to look good without needing to re-apply during the day then this is the cheese!) This definitely tops the list of eyeliners for sure.  The shimmery shade is amazing for a night out as well instead of the usual black.

2) DKNY Be Delicious (Limited Edition Bottle)

Bought this 100ml baby for £30 (double oh yeahhhh...).  It smells absolutely devine... sexy & provacative, this sweet scent combines apple with 'sensual wood' and an exotic flower power kick to it.

It's definitely DELICI♥US alright. Have searched round quickly for a retailer that's selling this limited edition perfume but not found one so far.  I've only seen the 'normal edition'.

Anyhoos... I'll be in HK for another 8 days and I'll  be posting holiday photos and my buys here during my stay!


Love T ♥