Monday, March 08, 2010

Today's Pick Me Ups!

Following my Dermalogica post... I went to get my complimentary Dermlogica facial done in a beauty salon.  It was amaaAaazing.  I fell asleep it felt so nice.  It was a full facial including cleanse, tone and moisturise... OH and massage on my neck & shoulders.  So soooo soothing.

It basically confirmed my thoughts about the Derm... it is now 5 hours after I left the salon. I've shopped, travelled on public transport, had dinner and now am home but my face still feels supple like I've just put on the moisturiser.

Anyhoos... here's what I bought today!

And my outfit to end the post... the harem trousers bought the other day plus my new booties!!!
(Had to quickly take this before getting into a lift... don't have full length mirror in HK shock horror)

Ciao Bellas!

♥ T


  1. I'm so jealous, I wanna be in HK!
    Your pants look cool. I'm looking for a chunky cardi like yours for lounging around the house in, where is your one from? xx

  2. This from's from HK! But it's actually my mums. I didn't bring any warm clothes back and had to borrow hers because it suddenly turned cold~