Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cosmetics Heaven...

Couldn't resist stopping by at a cosmetics store again today... there's so much to look at and I want to buy everything (money would be an issue though...)!  There's just so much to choose from... probably more than 15 types of everything from tweezers, nail files, brushes, eye lash curlers... you name it they've got it & it all looks so cute & prestine!

So here's what I added to my collection today...

1) A Metallic Mascara Comb - it's retractable yay!

2) An Eyelash Applicator - AWESOMENESS!

The eyelash applicator will definitely come in handy on my nights out when I'm frantically trying to put on my eyelashes (it's difficult when you're trying to get out the door & running late! It's puts the pressure on bit time).  I always manage to put one on really quickly then take ages to put the 2nd pair on!
I've yet to try this out & will definitely let you know when I do. BUT I was actually watching a Bubz Beauty (for those of you who don't know - she's a mass followed beauty guru on You Tube with her own clothing range) video today & guess what? She used this too & said it was easy to use! Check her video out here!

Only 3 days left in HK :(

♥ T


  1. I love cosmetics! I am just about to post about the new lipsticks I just got! :)


  2. Oh my god that eyelash applicator looks amazing. I want one!!!!!!

  3. Hay Terri hope you have had a great Easter hunni. As always fab product's!!!
    The eyelash applicator look's cool :P