Monday, March 08, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole...

Everyone's talking about it... the buzz & the hype of the amazing Alice In Wonderland! (In 3D oh yehh~)

So I've dedicated this post to the old classic & new film release with Alice merchandise...

This Urban Decay palette consists of 16 of UD's best selling eye shadows & 2 eye pencils.  The names of the eye shadow are also a reflection of Alice's adventures~

At £28 you can find it at Debenhams & House Of Fraser.  Unfortunately UD do not have a transactional website in the UK yet booooo.

Cute cute Disney Couture Mad Hatter Necklace £30.  This is such a lovely necklace and if I hadn't spent all the money in the world on holiday... I'd buy it!


Disney Couture Curiouser Gold Plated Earrings £25.  These Curioser earrings are so pretty... I love wearing hoops so these are perfect! I'd like to think these are not 'chavvy' but vintagey.

In shades Mad As A Hatter (black multi-glitter), Off With Her Read (empowering hot red), Absolutely Alice (blue glitter), & Thanks So Muchness (out of this world red shimmer).

Miss Selfridge has launched a range of Alice Tees & Vests.  This white Curiouser Racer-Back Vest £16.  Hurry! This range is not stocked in all stores & stocks are limited online so get yours before it's too late!!

This Alice In Wonderland Charm Necklace £25 is filled with all things Alice from the cards, to the Alice pendant with a heart, and the infamous Drink Me bottle.  It's soooo cute that when I get back to the UK I think I will have to buy it!

Alice's Tea Cup Necklace £16 - this is sooooo sooo adorable with a cute little bow above the teacup. Perfectly delicate to go with pretty dresses.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Alice Short Cluster Pendant £6
These enamel finish charms are fantastic - especially the clock! And at £6 you really can't go wrong (Going straight onto my wish list).

Disney Couture 'Alice in Wonderland' Silver Plated Triple Stack Teacup Ring £27 (boy that's a mouthfull). Great spring/summer colours!

So now that I've ranted on about the fantastic Alice stuff that's out... I'm going to watch the movie!! yay!

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  1. I'm surprised at the amount of merchandise that was created for the movie! But there are some really cute pieces that I'm having a hard time passing up!