Saturday, March 06, 2010

Buy Buy!

Went on my first shopping trip today in Hong Kong yeh yeh~ Only bought a few goodies though... It's highly annoying when you like something but you know that it's not going to fit because in the majority of shops only make tops one size only (!) It sucks when you see something nice but have to resist buying it as I'm rather curvacious compared to the size 0 girls out here.  (My 'child baring hips' better come in handy one day!!)  What makes it worse is that you see them scoffing their faces all the time yet they manage to stay so skinny... I digress~ 

Here's what I bagged...

                Dress                      Long Tank (pic of back) 

Cute cute pumps

 Mini bag for beauty stuff for the gym       Long harem type pants      

This wasn't it... spent tons of money on one of my loves... I'll go into this further in my next post!

Ciao for now~

Love T ♥