Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25% Off At DP!

This week is Dotty P's VIP week! This means you can get a whopping 25% off everything online!!

Here's my favourite pieces... perfect for autumn/winter ♥  All the prices I quoted below are after discount~

Loveeee these boots! These are selling out fast like hot cakes. They sell it in brown & black but I've already got a brown pair and the black was sold out!

Biker Boots £32

This cable knit dress will look awesome with boots and dark grey tights...

Knit Dress £22

It's all about the trousers at the moment & I'm liking these twill harems...

Twill Trousers £21

Grey & Nude Heart Tights -  I'm thinking I can wear over black tights with boots in the winter too.

Tighties! £5

Taupe High Heels will be fab with some skinny jeans £24
Heels £18

These berry coloured courts will be perfect for autumn nights outs!
Heels £18

Snoooood! This grey snood is so cute... be great to wear round in the office on those chilly days and with 25% off - bargainess ♥
Cute snood £9

Can't till my order arrives - will do a post on it once I get it. DP doesn't normally give 25% off so I'd say get shopping!

25% off ends Friday 19th September and no minimum spend.  
Enter DPVIPE at checkout  SHOP NOW >>

♥ T x

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