Thursday, September 30, 2010

Accidental Night

So in true Terri style... I managed to have an accident on Tuesday night playing netball.

Yes... netball.

(this... but clutching my head instead...)

This 'non-contact' sport led me to fall arse over tit and hit my Wong head on the concrete... nice!  I was taken in an Ambulance with the big bump on my head, along with plenty of tears & snot to the A&E at Paddington.  It was my first time in an Ambulance! Freya & Jules stayed with me & came to the hospital too... they were great as they made the hours go by quick entertaining me - thank you!!!  4 hours later I was finally seen and was sent home in 2 minutes (?!).  Shawn came to see me and pick me up & looked after me that night ♥

Thank god I didn't crack my head open and it's nothing serious.  It would've been awful if the doctors had to shave my new hair off on one side to stitch me up... I'll settle for bit of concussion, a big bruise on my head, whiplash on me neck, and my ass hurting lol.  Now I just need my head to 'equilibrate' as the doctor said.  Also I've lost my appetite... even better as I get to lose a bit of weight too!

I think I'll be just a lil bit scared to get back on the court next week in case I get barged & bump my head again... buttttt my love for the game is far greater than that so I'll continue to play & score some more goals!

Love T ♥


  1. I used to love netball!! I was WA or GS hehe


  2. You carry on playing! Netball doesn't stop after school's over... I play GA or GS ♥

  3. Awww hope you are okay =)
    Thank you for following!! Lovely blog (^-^)

  4. Thanks for your comment! Sucks about your injury - hope you feel better soon!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. hey Terri sorry to hear you have hurt urself, I hope you get better really soon!
    great blog, I love your cute images?
    x Leon