Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Chop!!

I did it!  I finally got the hair chopped off!!! I've NEVER had my hair this short EVER before so it was a shock when the hairdresser hacked off 8 inches of my precious locks.

So here's the new me!

 Er. bit messy at the back sorry..

Calling all short hair beauties... what can we do with such short hair?! I realised that I can't even tie my hair up when I'm gonna be playing me netball eek!  Any tips on what to do with it would be awesomeee!

So there we have it!!

Love Txx


  1. you look so cute!!

    love it

    My Blog xox

  2. the hair looks gorge,
    run with it, it suits you so much.
    and another thing i cannot believe you play netball, i love netball, who do u play for??

  3. LOVE the new haircut!! It really suits you!
    Lady Peach