Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AW10 Press Day!

As a proud 'Arcadian' (new word!)... I love going to our Press Shows!  Today was the big day each of the brands get to show off what's in store for the Autumn & Winter months ahead.  Though Spring is here (finally!) and Summer is yet to arrive, it was exciting to see what's hot in the cold months to come.

Here's a quick glimpse of what to expect later this year...

Miss Selfridge
They blew me away with their forest feel set up...

Nudes & pinks are still in - not to worry.... to brightens up the dreary months.

Taupe colours will still be seen... lots of drapy material & detailing.

Miss S were all over vintage & ethinic styles (LOVE IT!)
...greys & blacks are to be expected of course!

Wishlist item! - this grey shawl knitted wrap!

Another wishlist item! Boot # 2 & 3 are gorge!
And of course the bag... stud & fur.  What more could you possibly ask for?

Dorothy Perkins
Filled with awesome haired mannequins!

Lots of big knits & pieces... the military look is still on the horizon. 
Love the jacket!

Lovely pretty pieces are seen throughout DP... fantastic chunky scarfs & hats

Lovely jewellery & neck pieces... not forgetting the fab high heels & clutches!
Can't wait for the party season~

Top Shop
Clean cuts & chic styling...
Colour palettes have toned down but still with a splash of colour.

Fur was all around... pieces were simple yet very chic.

Loving the boots & hats! Ankle worker boots are set to be a big hit.
And of course... Topshop make up will be launching too!

And now... to save the best till last... 

Oh yes... though a male brand... gotta give some credit to my brand!

I'm really loving the AW range... our lines are really strong.  
Stylish yet not outrageous
Our premium line Black Label looked fantastic... the man bag - love love love!

Fab nordic styled chunky knits are back & the military style is carried through.
Loving these looks... HOTTTT... and the shoes are fab!
Lots of worker styled boots oh yes~

 ♥ Love these boots so much - would love my man to bare these ♥
 Ha! This necklace caught my eye... it's not going to go down well with the ladies. 
"Here for a good time not a long time" haha.

Due to shortage of time I didn't even get round to Wallis & Evans but at a glance... they have really strong lines too!

Can't wait for the AW range to come in! 
BUT for now... let Summer commence!

Love T


  1. these all look so amazing, i was so so impressed with topshop unique this season, and dorothy perkins and miss selfridge look great too!

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