Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Accessories Love

I've had a thing for jewellery... whether it's bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings (doesn't help when I used to work in a Jewellery shop but loved every minute of it!) for a long time.  I used to have tons of jewellery until one time when I moved house & left my stuff in the garage for a wee while & everything turned damp & mouldy so had to chuck it all out! So now have to start collecting again.

I grabbed a few bits of jewellery from Hong Kong...

Dainty gold necklaces are big at the moment especially with words! 
(No I don't think these are chavvy!)

I also couldn't resist buying a couple from Ebay too!

(Shame the pink one broke in the post - must try fix it with some strong glue coz it's gorge!)

My TopShop ♥s
Now spring is finally (?!) here it's time to shop those sales... Miss S has launched their Spring Sale today - Hurry before it's all gone!
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Miss Selfridge ♥s
Bangles are definitely my weakness and cannot live without them throughout summer - thats why Spring get a move on and BRING ON SUMMER! (ahem..thank you.)

What's your favourite acessories and where do you shop?

Love T


  1. Necklaces and bracelets!! H&m, topshop, miss selfridge, charity shops, new look, handmade haha

  2. I absolutely love jewelry too! Cute finds and styles you got there! :) I definitely want to do a jewelry post too now!


  3. Aw you got some gorgeous cutesy things! :)
    Love the chunky banges and the adorable 'happy' necklace :)

  4. Thanks for the comments girls! I made my own necklaces... will do a blog when I've made some. Maybe even blog sale! xx

  5. hi terri thanks for following my blog! im also a bit of a fan of chavvy jewellery- worn with the right things, it can add a a bit of self deprecating cheek. i also can't wait for summer now, already bought my gladiator sandals in anticipation!