Monday, August 08, 2011

Haul Haul Haul!

Had a bit of a shopping spree recently... I never shop like this (especially as I'm trying to save as much dosh as I can at the moment).  But I really need some new work clothes so thought it was about time to hit Forever 21 to see what they've got to offer.

The damage...

Forever 21 Haul...

Superdrug haul...

And I picked up a few mags aswell to top it off!

I'll do a post on the clothes and also a post on reviews of the Superdrug goodies (apart from the cotton pads... don't think you need a review on this)! So watch this space...

Love Txx


  1. Aw that means a lot, thank you very much :))

    By the way good picks on your clothes at forever21, they look cute !

    Hope your having a sweet as week!

    Jelenadoll <3

  2. All the clothes look lovely, and I spied Garnier's BB cream which I'm really interested to read a review about! :)



  3. Fab haul!! I need to try those VO5 products above, i bought the Shampoo and Conditioner recently and they're amazing.

    Sadie x


  4. Absolutely awesome clothes! Your blog is fantastic; I will definitely be keeping up with it from now on!