Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Topshop Makeup

The new makeup range has finally launched today yay!!

 had a quick look on their website to see what the range holds and to be honest, I wasn't too keen on it at first & didn't know what to expect BUT I was perfectly suprised!

 Look at all the pretty colours of the rainbow and then some!

My mini haul

Nail varnish in Big Smoke
Said to be long lasting... I'll give update.

Skin Tint in Light
This is very similar to the MAC Face & Body (but much cheaper!) but slightly more pigmented yet is still very light.  This is really ideal for those who tend to have dryer skin as it does have a smooth & shiny finish.  
When I had this put on with the bronzer & blush a girl at Topshop said "oh I want to look like her!"
Would DEFINITELY recommend this - great to wear in the summer especially for those who do not need full coverage.

Blush in Neon Rose
This is a cream based blush, soft to the touch & easy to blend - great colour for summer.
Similar product to that of the Bobbi Brown cheek & lip colour but easier to blend!

Eye Shadow Trio in Sunstar
Absolutely adore this trio... I really only got it for the gold but the other colours work really well together so can't wait to try this one on a night out!
Kohl Pencils in Saddle (Brown) & Bolt (Navy)
Easy to glide on & are quite pigmented so it's really easy to glide onto the eye.  
It's intense colour is great - I've had mine on for about 3 hours & it's not smudged at all!
(Which reminds me - can also be smudged in when you draw it on.)

So I have to say... so far I'm one happy customer & this range is definitely a breath of fresh air.  And at very affordable prices... it's definitely something all girls should look into trying out!

Love T ♥


  1. can't wait to get to topshop tomorrow, that sounds like a nice cream blush! also the nail polishes are nice colours but so many claim to be longlasting when really they're not...i'll give them a try anyway!

  2. Yeah i know what you mean... they all say longlasting then next thing you know it chips so quickly! But it was definitely fast drying if that helps lol.

    Let me know what you get if you do get anything! Would love to know what others bought/or thought of it.


  3. oooo the neon rose blush looks gorgeousss!! im impressed..the swatches look pigmented!!
    im gna have to check this out now! thanks for the piks and mini review/info!


  4. ah i love that smokey nail color, its so different! def. keep us updated on how long it lasts, i might have to go pick some up =)


  5. Wow that's an extense line! Love the cute packaging and your awesome haul! I have to visit the UK NOW!!! :)

  6. Oooo I'm loving the sound of the Skin Tint! May have to check it out when I'm in central next especially as I have quite dry skin and some of the products I have just don't cut it. Thanks for the review.

  7. I just ordered an ELF nail polish similar in color to Big Smoke and I'm so excited for it to get here so I can try it! I never thought a muddy color was my style, but I love all of the blog pictures I've seen so far :)

  8. I can't wait to have a look at Topshop make-up - it looks really nice on all the blog posts I've read about it! The eyeshadow looks lovely - looks like you've got some lovely new products! x

  9. Oh, I haven't been to check out the make-up yet - it looks fab though. Will have a look this week. Thanks for pics. xx

  10. Wow, so is it actually good then? I had assumed it was standard bad quality high street make-up... I'll have to check it out!

  11. i am quite impressed by the range!
    especially the canvas bags that they had.

    the variety is amazing.

  12. thats a great nailpolish color, something different!

    if you have time please come to vote for my illustrations!

  13. I need to check out the colors more but it's really rad that they've expanded on to makeup!

  14. lady, I love that you've taken loads of photos of the stand etc too ~ really nice post!

    just stumbled upon your blog today and started following, looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)

    a x


  15. ohhhhh the eyeshadow looks lovely!
    thanks so much for the comment directing me here, sort of know what things i'm going to get now!
    lots of love from your latest follower


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