Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ladies! 20% off Oasis...

OASIS - Women's Fashion Clothing

Oasis have got 20% everything until this Sunday!

Love love love these...

Enter code SS10OASIS to get your 20% off

Get shopping! >>

Love Tx



  1. thanks for sharing ^^
    I love the swimsuit but I don't have the confidence to wear one :p

    thanks for visiting too :3 I hope u vist again soon :3


  2. Love a bit of Oasis - it's really upped its game in the last year or so!

  3. did the topshop make up haul, as inspired by yourself!

  4. I got the cream asymmetrical dress in black just over a year ago. It's amazing! Wish it was cream now though...

    Laura xx

  5. Cute satchel :)


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