Monday, July 18, 2011

Weight Loss??

It's been almost a week since I started my 'healthy eating regime'.  I have decide that I'm not going to call it a diet anymore.  I absolutely hate the word and makes me feel uncomfortable.

So what went down?

I've been following what the book has been saying (though to exactly what it says).
Breakfast: Strawberries & a peach or 2.
Snacks: Non.
Lunch: Salad & Protein.
Dinner: Protein & cooked veg OR Protein & Salad.

My lunch today... rabbit food.

It's been quite tough because I'm a snacker and there are moments (everyday I have to add) when I crave so badly a packet of crisps or eat some biscuits or something.  This is especially so during the afternoon lull - that quarter past 3 afternoon tea time.

I'm not going to lie but I've cheated a little... the first couple of days, I had a naughty twix *slaps hand*.  But I felt hungry and needed something to keep me going for the rest of the afternoon.  But apart from that... no carbs!  Also, Saturday night it was pouring with rain and my bf and I didn't want to brave the supermarket in the storm so ordered pizza *shakes head*. But...

Results so far??

I've actually lost 2.5kg in 6 days - awesome!  I wonder if I would've lost more weight if I didn't cheat at all?

Love Tx


  1. Seems everyone is on a healthy eating plan at the moment. I use an app on my phone called my fitness pal. They have a website too. Basically it helps to count your calories I lost 3lbs last week you should check it out! xx

  2. thanks for the comment...im following you now :) com back and follow! i have a giveaway coming up in 30 minutes

  3. Well done on the weightloss, that's fab.

    Sadie xx