Thursday, March 24, 2011

D.E.T.O.X. - Day 1.

So I did a mini haul at Boots couple of days ago before I popped to the gym.  Had to pick up a few bits before my holiday...

 Boots detox 5 day plan, Nivea Express Hydration body cream, Garnier intensive
7 days in Aloe Vera & Cocoa Butter (3 for 2), Veet wax strips, Ibruprofen, & diarrhoea tablets for the holiday just in case...

 With the holiday just round the corner, I wanted to cleanse my system so I feel all fresh & revitalised.  I've been recommended the Boots detox plan by a friend before & after reading some reviews, thought it would be a good idea to cleanse & detoxify!
 The pack comes with 5 vials of liquid.  There's 3 flavours (Original, Apple or Strawberry).
You have to pour the liquid into 1 litre of water & drink throughout the day. As it's a detox, you'd have to eat plenty of veg, fruit etc. and cut out coffee, tea, diary, alcohol... basically eat well!

Instead of pouring the liquid in a 1 litre bottle... I poured 1/2 into a 500ml bottle... pyschologically it seems much more manageable & easier to drink.  To be honest... I don't think I ever drink a litre of water a day but a mixture of different things like tea, squash, juice etc. so it was quite hard.  I'm sure it will get easier... though between 10.30am - 5pm I went for a wee like 6 times (sorry to be so graphic)!! Normally I only go twice at work lol.

I'll update to see what the progress is like...

♥ Tx

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